Fine Art & Craft Materials to Inspire You
Using the correct tools and equipment will always make a job easier and give a far better finish.

We fell sure that you'll find something useful among our selection of drawing and cutting equipment, glues and tapes, palettes and other products.

Knives, Blades and Cutting Equipment

  • Swann Morton - Handles and surgical steel blades.

  • Craft Knives - Including snap-off blades, replaceable or throw away blades. Also swivel blade for intricate shapes and curves.

  • Compass Cutter - For circles up to 15cm diameter.

  • Guillotines and Paper Trimmers - For card and paper

  • Scissors - X Cut Precision and decorative cut.

Mount / Matt cutting

  • Jakar Mount Cutter - 90° and 45° cuts. Basic but very effective. To be used with associated rule.

  • Maped and Frame Co. - Mount cutting systems with 90° and 45° cuts.

Cutting Mats

A4, A3, A2 and A1 double sided, self-sealing mats.


  • Steel Rules - 15cm, 30cm, 60cm and 100cm

  • Aluminum - Professional, non-slip. 60cm and 100cm

  • Heavy Duty Clear Plastic - Gridded and calibrated with a steel cutting edge

  • Safety Rules

  • Scale Rules - Triangular and flat. 15cm and 30cm

Drawing Equipment

  • Templates- Lettering, circle, eclipse and other shapes

  • French Curves

  • Flexible Rules

  • Compasses

  • Set Squares - Rigid and adjustable

  • Pantograph


  • Ceramic - Daisy, slant and stacking

  • Plastic - In over 10 styles

  • Wooden - Kidney and rectangular for oils and acrylics

  • Tear-Off Paper Palettes - For oil and acrylics

  • Stay-Wet Palettes - For acrylics. Simple but extremely useful device for keeping you paint workable for weeks

Glues and Tapes

  • PVA - The most popular and versatile glue for art and craft. Excellent for paper, card, lightweight objects etc. It can also be mixed with paint, used for paper maché, applied as a sealer to a porous surface before painting or as a final water resistant coat to a finished piece.

  • UHU, Copydex and Superglue

  • 3m Spray Adhesives - For a perfect bubble-free finish, for paper, card, fabric, acetate etc.

    • For a professional, superior quality finish - Photo Mount ~ Spray Mount ~ Display Mount (long-term bond for heavier jobs) ~ Re Mount (for repeated re-positioning)

    • For less precious work - Craft Mount (permanent or re-positionable)

  • Glue Sticks, Pens, Dots and 3D Packs

  • Glue Guns - Cool and hot

  • Brown Gummed Tape - For stretching paper

  • Double-Sided Tape

  • Sellotape

  • Masking Tape 

  • Low Tack Masking Tape

  • Brown Masking Tape (Framer's Tape)


Wooden, articulated models to help an artist to depict the human figure. - 4 sizes 4½" to 16". We also have large and small hands and the occasional animal.

Metal Dippers

With or without lids, clip to palette to hold solvents and oils.


Natural or synthetic for lifting out colour and creating special effects in painting.

Light Boxes

For transferring original image to lightweight paper. e.g. layout or tracing.

Mahl Stick

To support the arm while painting, drawing or sketching.

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