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We have an excellent range of top quality artists' brushes, from manufacturers such as Pro Arte, Royal Brush, Winsor & Newton and Daler Rowney.
We also have over 20 shapes and sizes of painting knives for mixing and applying oils and acrylics, and a selection of colour shapers for adding interesting marks and textures to your work.



Each medium has its own range of brushes; watercolour brushes tend to have the softest filaments whereas those for oil and acrylics tend to be tougher and more resilient. However, there are no hard and fast rules as your style of painting will dictate your choice of brush.
  • Round - The most popular and versatile brush shape. For fine and detailed work, through to laying a wash.
  • Flat - For broad strokes, washes, blocking in and interesting angular marks.
  • Bright - Shorter filament then the flat. Sharp lines, blocking in and angular marks.
  • Rigger and Liner - For scrolling and fine sweeping lines e.g. branches and rigging.
  • Filbert - Gently tapered brush for a whole range of marks depending on whether you use the flat side or the edge.
  • Fan - For softening and blurring brush marks, or for gentle stippling effects.
  • Mop - For large areas and washes. Some have ultra-fine points to combine highly detailed and loose expressive work.
  • Hake - For broad washes, loose work and smoothing out colour.
  • Stenciling/Stippling - Flat ended brush for stenciling or achieving interesting scrubby or mottled painting effects.
  • Sword Liner - Specialist signwriters' brush, can also be used for watercolour painting.
  • Chinese Brushes - For the clean, flowing lines typical of Chinese painting and calligraphy.
  • Varnish Brushes - Broad flat brushes that are good for laying down a watercolour wash or oil/acrylic glaze, or to varnish your completed masterpiece.
Brushes for Watercolour

In addition to the brush shape you also need to consider the content of the filament.
  • Natural Hair Brushes for Watercolour - These are generally considered to be the best brushes (especially sable) because of their water-holding and ability to achieve the finest point. We stock :
    • Pro Arte Reniassance Sable
    • Daler Rowney Series 34 Sable
    • Pro Arte Renaissance Squirrel
    • Hakes and Chinese Brushes
  • Synthetic Brushes for Watercolour - The best quality synthetic brushes make an excellent more economical alternative to natural hair. They have the advantage of being more robust and therefore longer lasting. We stock:
    • Pro Arte Prolene
    • Daler Rowney Dalon
    • Daler Rowney Aquafine
  • Sable / Synthetic Mix Brushes for Watercolour - These combine the water-holding ability of sable and the strength of synthetic. We stock:
    • Daler Rowney Sapphire
    • Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold
Brushes for Acrylics and Oils

The shape of the brush (see above) and the texture of the filament will influence the style and character of your painting.
  • Daler Rowney Bristlewhite (long handle) - The stiff, heavy, natural hog bristles enable you to achieve strong, expressive work and to retain your brush marks.
  • Pro Arte Sterling Acrylic (long handle) - A synthetic brush, finer and less stiff than Bristlewhite. These have a smoother, finer filament to Bristlewhite. They still lend themselves to robust work but you can also achieve a finer finish. The manufacturer claims that even if the brush is left filament down in water overnight it will still spring back to shape. Great for lazy and absent-minded artists.
  • Windsor & Newton Monarch (long handle) - A superior quality synthetic brush with a particularly tight and springy filament.
  • Daler Rowney System 3  - A large range of good but economical synthetic brush. Ideal for detailed work, smooth, flat colour and applying glazes. Popular with beginners and students.
  • Daler Rowney Cryla (short handle) - Similar to System 3 but with a superior quality, springy filament.

We now have  the Daler Rowney Graduate range. A budget range of good quality brushes covering all types of painting applications. There are about 40 different shapes and sizes in natural hair, nylon and hog bristles all at one low price.

Painting Knives

We have over 20 different styles of palette and painting knives for mixing and applying paint. They all have flexible steel blades and wooden handles. Different shaped blades will enable you to apply the paint in a whole variety of ways to achieve all sorts of interesting and creative effects such as stippling, scraping, slicing through or drawing into the paint.

Colour Shapers

They look similar to paint brushes but instead of a brush they have a firm but flexible rubbery tip. They come in 5 sizes and 4 different tip shapes. You can use them to achieve all sorts of interesting marks and effects with your paint. They are also very useful for blending and moving pastels.

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