Fine Art & Craft Materials to Inspire You

We have a tempting variety of craft materials for both adults and children. Choose from glass, ceramic and fabric painting, marbling, origami and other paper crafts, modelling with Sculpey, clay, mod-rock and other materials, card making and lots more. We feel sure you'll find something of interest whether you have a specific project in mind or if you are simply looking for inspiration for a creative pastime.


Card and Paper ( see Paper, Pads and Boards )

  • Handmade Papers - Gorgeous papers from India and Nepal. Plain colours, inclusions of petals etc, patterned and sparkly. Available in sheets or assorted packs.

  • Origami Paper - Packs of plain or beautifully patterned Japanese papers. Also kits with instructions.

  • Plain Paper and Card - Individual sheets in a variety of colours, sizes, weights and finishes. Also packs of white, cream, black and assorted colours.

  • Decorative Paper and Card - Including holographic, glitter, metallic and animal print. Some individual sheets but mainly assorted packs.

  • Sugar Paper - Extremely economical coloured paper. A1 sheets or A4 packs.

  • Tissue Paper - Top quality paper in over 20 colours including acid-free white. Also multi-packs.

  • Crepe Paper - 150% stretch in over 20 colours.

  • Brown Craft Paper Rolls

  • Cellophane Rolls - Plain and colours.

Card Making and Scrap Booking

Choose products from Do-Crafts, Crafty Bitz, Craft Creations etc. We hope you will be inspired to create beautiful one-off cards or unique, personalised wedding and party invitations, place cards, menus, baby announcements etc.

  • Card Blanks - Over 50 different shapes, styles and colours.

  • Watercolour Paper Cards - Very attractive, deckle edge cards. Various sizes. Sold individually with matching envelope.

  • Scrapbooks - Expandable, different sizes and colours.

  • Rubber Stamps and Ink Pads

  • Embossing Powders and Heat Guns

  • Paper Punches

  • Stencils, Embossing Tools and Light Boxes

  • Embellishments - [See Below]

Embellishments and Bits + Pieces for your craft projects

  • Sparkly Gems, Sequins, Beads, Butterflies and Flowers

  • Paper and Felt Flowers

  • Skeleton Leaves

  • Brads

  • Sticky Ribbon and Carded Ribbon Assortments

  • Peel-Off Stickers - Choose from over 90 designs-gold,silver,coloured or dome.

  • Coloured Wire

  • Glitter Glue - 18 individual colours or assorted packs.

  • Funky Foam - Sheets, or packs of self-adhesive shapes

  • Pipe Cleaners, Feathers, Lolly Sticks, Match Sticks, Pegs, Wiggly Eyes, Polystyrene Balls and more

Glass Paints

A full range of  water-based paints and a range of outliners. Also, packs of peelable glass paints. Glass and plastic suncatchers and acetate-fronted cards to decorate.

Ceramic Paints and Pens

No need to oven bake just let the paint dry thoroughly and harden to give your decorated items (mugs, plates, vases etc) a robust, light-fast and dishwasher-safe finish.

Fabric Paints and Pens

Decorate T-shirts, cushion covers, scarves, curtains etc. For cotton, silk, linen, mixed fibres and even synthetic. Heat seal for a wash-proof finish.

3D Paints

Multi-purpose three dimensional paint. Four use on card, paper, fabric, metal, glass, funky foam, terracotta and more.


Other Paints for Crafts

  • Crafters' Acrylics - Very economical and versatile in over 60 plain colours and 16 metallics in 2oz bottles. Water-based but drying to a waterproof finish. Can be used on card, paper, plaster, wood, clay, canvas and many other surfaces. Also available in sets of 12 x 25ml pots.

  • Spray Paint

    • Montana "Black" Spray Paint. High quality, versatile paint for use on wood, polystyrene, solvent resistant plastics, glass, stone, paper, card, metal, pottery and more. Touch dry in 10mins, wipe-proof and weather resistant when fully dry. Plain and metallic colours.

    • Metallic Craft Sprays - economical, decorative for all sorts of craft work- great for christmas decorations.

    • Frosting Spray - gives a frosted glass effect on glass or plastic.

  • Poster Colour - 500ml bottles, 6 or 12 x 60ml sets, 12 x 25ml sets in plain, glitter or metallic. Water-based paints that remain water-soluble even when dry which makes spillages easier to clean. Good for children to use. Can be mixed with PVA glue for a gunkier finish. We also have a superior quality range of over 20 individual colours for more serious art and craft work.

  • Powder Paint - Particularly economical for larger areas. It can be mixed with water and/or PVA glue to whatever consistency you choose. Comes in 500g tubs.  

Pens for Crafts ( see Pens )

  • Brush Pens - The nylon tip is tapered and flexible just like a paint brush. A whole range of stroke widths and styles can be achieved. Great for use with rubber stamps. Over 100 colours.

  • Fine Liners - Fine tipped pens for drawing, decorating and lettering. Lots of colours to choose.

  • Calligraphy Pens - Traditional dip pens, fountain pens and felt tips. Black and a range of colours. Very effective for decorative work and lettering.

  • Felt tips - A range of colours and nib widths. Individual colours or packs.

  • Paint Markers - These have an opaque lacquer finish and can be used on virtually all surfaces including metal, glass and plastic. The valve-controlled ink-flow takes a bit of getting used to but it's worth it for the intense colour and opacity of the ink. White and metallic gold, silver and bronze. 3 nib sizes.

  • Metallic and Glitter Gel Pens - Great for decorating and lettering.

  • Glaze Pens - can be used on all smooth surfaces such as paper, plastic and glass. The unique ink gives a 3D, bright and glossy finish. Very effective for card-making and all sorts of craft projects.

  • Permanent and Non-Permanent Markers - Bullet or chisel tip in range of sizes from super-fine to a giant 12mm.

Modelling Materials For Crafts

  • Air-Drying Clay - Nylon re-enforced for extra strength. Great for coil, thumb and slab pots and all sorts of model-making. Your finished object can be painted of varnished.

  • DAS - Air-drying but a finer consistency to the clay above. Can be painted or varnished.

  • Sculpey - Ever-popular with children and adults alike. 40 colours of oven-bake polymer clay. Endless applications including jewellery making, fridge magnets, embellishments for cards, doll making, models for dolls houses and model railways etc. Also Eraser Clay which, once modelled and baked, can be used as an eraser, and Bake and Bend which remains pliable once baked. Also available in assorted packs and themed kits.

  • Mod Rock - Rolls of plaster-impregnated cloth. Can be draped over a frame ( paper,card,wood,wire etc.) to form just about any shape you choose. Very durable once dry. Can be painted or varnished.

  • Plaster of Paris - Mix with water for all manner of model and mould making. Can be painted or varnished.

  • Plasticine - Does not dry - can be used time and time again

  • Moulding Alginate - Seaweed based powder. Mix with water for moulding complete items, soft and delicate objects, hands and feet. Very accurate casting.

  • Liquid Latex - An emulsion which dries to form a thin peelable mould. Good definition and accuracy. Thickener can be added to increase viscosity and reduce running.

  • Crystal Resin - Two-part epoxy resin system that imitates glass paste. For moulding decorative objects e.g. paper weights, handles, ornaments. Can encapsulate items.

  • Milliput - Two-part epoxy putty. Many uses including porcelain restoration, repairing antiques, picture frames, garden pots and statues, sculpting and modelling. 3 different types of Milliput to suit different purposes.

Craft Kits and Things to Paint and Make

  • Kits and Sets - We have a fantastic selection for adults and children. They are attractively packaged and are very popular as presents. Prices start at just a few pounds. We have far too many kits to list in full but here are just a few examples: Papermaking - Origami - Paint Your Own Bike Bell / Clock / Pet Dish Candle Making - Flower-pressing - Card Making - Basket Weaving - Sculpey Polymer Clay Sets - Calligraphy - Quilling - Glass Painting

  • Painting / Sketching / Colouring by Numbers - Lots of choice, some are very simple for children but others require far more skill and patience.

  • Scraper Foil - Silver, rainbow, copper, white or holographic. Lots of pre-drawn pictures or blank sheets for you to design your own.

  • Suncatchers and Plywood Shapes to paint.

  • Papier Mache Animals to decorate.

  • Papier Mache Alphabet and Numbers to decorate.

  • Bits and Pieces - For craft projects. Lolly sticks, match sticks, dolly pegs, feathers, wiggly eyes, wire, pipe cleaners etc.

Craft Knives and Cutting Equipment

  • Scissors - Standard and decorative cut.

  • Guillotines and paper Trimmers - For card and paper

  • Craft Knives - Including snap-off , replacable or throw-away blades. Swivel blade for decoupage and other intricate shapes or curves. Utility blade for heavy work.

  • Swann-Morton - Surgical steel blades.

  • Compass Cutter - For cutting circles up to 15cm in diameter.

  • Cutting Mats - Double sided, self-sealing. A4, A3, A2 and A1.


Safety Rules - Steel Rules - Aluminum Non-slip Rules - Gridded, Calibrated Rules - Scale Rules - Plastic Rules

Glues and Tapes for Crafts

  • Glue Dots and 3D Pads

  • Glue Guns - hot or cool

  • Glue Sticks and Pens

  • PVA - the most popular and versatile glue for craftwork. Excellent for card, paper, Funky Foam and lightweight objects. Can be mixed with paints, used for papier maché, applied as a sealer to a porous surface before painting or as a final water-resistant coat to a finished piece. No home should be without it.

  • Super Glue, UHU, Copydex and others

  • Double-Sided Tape, Sellotape and Masking Tape

  • Velcro Fixers

Brushes and Crafts (see Brushes, Painting Knives and Shapers )

In addition to our large range of artists' brushes we have a more economical craft range. Lots of shapes and sizes to choose from, sold either individually or in assorted packs.

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