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We stock over 10 styles of table easel, floor standing easel and drawing board. Our suppliers include Mabef, Winsor & Newton and Daler Rowney, so we have access to an enormous additional rage of products from which we can order to suit your particular needs. We currently have a selection of Easels among our Special Offers.

Floor Standing Easels

  • Sketching Easels-In either lightweight wood or aluminium, tripod easels suitable for all mediums. Easily adjusted for height, angle and canvas size.They collapse to a very manageable size which makes them ideal for use on location or to and from art classes. The wooden sketching easel is our most popular .

  • Heavy-Weight Wooden Sketching Easel - This works in exactly the same way as the Sketching Easel but it is far more robust and can take a larger canvas or board. It can be stored away neatly when not in use.

  • Sketch Box Easel - This combines an adjustable tripod easel with an extremely useful box or drawer for storing paints etc. The whole thing folds down into a box shape with a carry handle so it can be used on location as well as in the studio.

  • "A" Frame Studio Easel - Very robust with excellent stability. A metal ratchet system allows for easy adjustment for a variety of canvas sizes.

  • "H" frame Studio Easel - Sturdy, versatile easel which easily adjusts to suite working position and canvas height. It can even be used completely flat like a table and is therefore excellent for all media. We think that the one we stock is particularly good value for money.

Table Easels

  • Wooden Box Easel - In two different sizes, these are very attractive and cleverly designed to combine an adjustable table easel, complete with canvas clamp, with a storage case for art materials.

  • "Tent" Easel - Very simple, very lightweight and eminently practical. There are a number of styles available, with or without canvas clamps and with up to 5 angle settings. Folds flat for easy storage and transportation.

  • "H" Frame Table Easel - Very sturdy with easily adjustable angle settings and canvas clamp.

  • Art + Craft Workstation - Quite small (A4 plus) but very robust and versatile. The board is adjusted by a sturdy ball and socket joint, so it can be swivelled and locked at any angle. When flat, the board can be rotated through 360, which means it is as useful for 3D work as it is for drawing and painting.

Drawing Boards

  • Sketching Boards - Simple, lightweight boards in various sizes. Some with back stands. Sturdy enough to take stretched watercolour paper.

  • Parallel Motion - Professional quality, we keep in stock an A2 table top board but can order other sizes and styles on request.

  • A3 Technical Board - Rigid, break resistant plastic. Extremely lightweight and versatile. Moving parallel rule with lock release and integrated protractor, paper grip, gradations along 2 sides. Great for art work, calligraphy, drawing up plans etc.

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