Fine Art & Craft Materials to Inspire You

Art and craft activities give hours of fun and pleasure and are a great way for children to learn.

We have lots to choose from such as paints, pens, paper, card, modelling materials and all the bits and pieces needed for play and school projects. We also have a very popular range of art and craft kits and a good range of books to give young people ideas and help with developing techniques.



  • Watercolours - Tubes in boxed sets or solid discs of paint in plastic or metal palettes.

  • Poster Colour - Water-based and water soluble even when dry. Some makes can be washed out if splashed onto clothes. Can be diluted or used straight from the bottle or pot, or mixed with PVA glue for a thicker, glunkier consistency.

    • 500ml bottles

    • 60ml pots in sets

    • 25ml pots in sets of plain, pearlescent or glitter colours.

  • Powder Colour - Similar to poster colour but in powder form. Can be diluted to the consistency of your choice from a thin wash to a thick paste. Can also be mixed with PVA.

  • Acrylic Paints - Water based but, unlike the previous paints dry to a hard, water-resistant finish.

    • Crafters' Acrylics - 2oz bottles in 60 plain colours and 12 metallics. Very popular and economic.

    • Tubes of paint in boxed sets.

  • Finger Paints - Safe to apply by hand (or foot) straight from the tubs.

  • Glass Paints, Ceramic Paints and Pens, Fabric Paints and Pens, 3D Paints, see Crafts .


We have a good selection of brushes for children, from fine points for detailed work through to big chunky ones. We also have sponge rollers and plastic spatulas which give interesting and imaginative paint effects.

Bits and Pieces

  • Pipe Cleaners

  • Lolly Sticks and Match Sticks

  • Wiggly Eyes

  • Dolly Pegs

  • Feathers

  • Funky Foam - Sheets, or packs of self-adhesive shapes

  • Glitter Glue

  • Stickers - Gold, silver, coloured and dome

  • Sparkly Gems, Sequins, Beads, Butterflies, Flowers

  • Pom-poms

Kits and Sets & Things to Paint and Make

  • Kits and Sets - Lots to choose from, here are a few examples: Origami - Glass Painting - Fridge Magnets - Paint your Own Pet Dish or Alarm Clock - Paper Making - Build a Dinosaur - Make and Paint a Chair - Paint a Bird Bath

  • Plywood Shapes and Chunky Wooden Beads - To paint and decorate.

  • Papier Mache Animals to paint and decorate.

  • Papier Mache Letters  and Numbers to paint and decorate.

  • Activity Books - Stencils, stickers, colouring, stained glass effect, magic painting.

  • Card Making - Rubber stamps, inks, cards etc.

  • Painting / Sketching / Colouring by Numbers - Popular and rewarding introduction to art.

  • Scraper Foil - In silver, copper, white, holographic and rainbow. Follow the pre-drawn lines with your scraper tool to reveal the picture underneath, or design your own image on a blank sheet.

Paper and Card

We have a fantastic range of packs, pads and individual sheets.

  • Plain Paper and Card - Lots of colours and sizes.

  • Decorative Paper and Card - Metallic, holographic, glitter and animal print.

  • Sugar Paper - Very economical, lots of colours.

  • Origami Papers

  • Tissue and Crepe

  • Handmade Papers - Sparkly, patterned and plain.

Coloured Pencils

  • Lyra "Ferby" - Half-length, triangular colour pencils - easy to hold for small hands.

  • Reeves - Packs of water-resistant and water soluble colour pencils. Good quality but economical.


  • Felt Tips - All our children's felt tips are water based and washable out of most fabrics. We have packs of basic felt tips, double ended (chunky and fine), magic pens which change colour with a special applicator and the "Scribbi" which is a chunky triangular pen with an indestructible tip.

  • Gel Pens - Glitter, metallic and plain colours. Great for decorating craft work and lettering.

  • Glaze Pens - Can be used on all smooth surfaces such as paper, card, plastic and glass. They give a very effective 3D, bright and glossy finish.

Modelling Materials

  • Air Drying Clay - Nylon re-enforced for extra strength. Great for coil, thumb and slab pots and all sorts or modelling. Your finished object can be painted or varnished.

  • Das - Air drying, with a finer consistency to the clay. Can be painted or varnished.

  • Sculpey - Ever popular with children and adults alike. 40 colours of oven-bakeable polymer clay. Endless applications including jewellery making, fridge magnets, embellishments for cards, models for dolls' houses and model railways and model making of all kinds. There is also Sculpey Bake and Bend which remains flexible (good for bookmarks, bendy figures etc) and Sculpey Eraser Clay which, once modelled and baked, can be used as erasers.

There are also assorted packs and themed kits. (e.g. clay bears, butterflies, wizards etc) .

  • Plasticine - Can be used time and time again.

  • Mod Roc - Rolls of plaster impregnated cloth. Can be draped over a frame ( paper,card,wood,wire etc.) to form just about any shape you choose. Very hard once dry. Can be painted or varnished.

  • Plaster of Paris - Mix with water for all manner of model and mold making.

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