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Our fantastic range of paints will suit artists of all abilities. We have full colour-ranges in watercolour, gouache, acrylics, poster colour, oils and water-based oils. In addition we have an exceptional range of  boxed sets and kits - from practical, everyday selections to beautiful wooden boxes and chests.

Each type of paint is accompanied by a range of mediums which are designed to enhance your use of the paint and help you achieve some interesting and unusual effects. See Mediums, Primers and Varnishes .

Most types of paint are broadly divided into 2 categories - "Artists'" and "Students' or Beginners'"

  • Artists' - These are the very best and most expensive paints. The price reflects the quality and rarity of the pigment and the quality of the medium in which the pigment is carried.
  • Students' / Beginners' - These do not have the superior quality of the artists' range but they are far more economical and are still of an excellent quality for fine art use.

For crafts and children's paints see Crafts and Junior Arts and Crafts.


Watercolour is renowned for the luminous transparency of the colours. You can achieve all sorts of painting styles from broad, liquid washes to more controlled, detailed work.

The artists' range is very different to the students' in that each colour has its own character e.g. transparency, opacity and granulation. This makes using the paints particularly exiting because an endless variety of effects can be achieved depending on how one pigments reacts with another. This contributes to why most artists have their own favourite palette of colours. All of the following paints are available in palette sets and boxed selections:

  • For Artists'

    • Winsor & Newton 5ml tubes - full range of 96 colours
    • Winsor & Newton half-pans - full range 
  • For Students'
    • Daler Rowney Aquafine tubes - full range of 37 colours
    • Winsor & Newton Cotman half-pans - full range of 40 colours
    • Daler Rowney Simply tubes - boxed sets of 12 and 24
    • Reeves 12ml tubes - boxed sets only


This is similar to water colour but each colour is opaque and densely pigmented. It can give flat, even coverage in pure bright colour or, when more heavily diluted, a similar but much cloudier effect to watercolour. Many artists use it along with watercolour, particularly for highlighting.

  • For Artists'

    • Daler Rowney Designers' Gouache 15ml tubes - 56 colours

  • For Students'

    • Caran d'Ache Studio - Boxes of 8 or 15 paints

    • Daler Rowney Simply - boxes of 12 tubes

    • Reeves 12ml tubes - Boxed sets only

Poster Colour

Similar to gouache in its opacity but not as fine quality and therefore more economical.

Acrylic Paints

These are water-based but, when dry, the resin particles coalesce to form a tough, flexible finish which is impervious to water. They can be used straight from the tube for impasto work, thinned with water or used with specialist mediums for different effects. There is also a range of Shimmering Colours that can be used independently (very good on a black background) or mixed with plain colours. Acrylics are very fast drying. This can be a great advantage regarding the speed of your painting, but has obvious drawbacks when it comes to keeping you paint workable.

This can be solved by using a "Stay-wet" palette or by introducing mediums to retard drying, see Mediums, Primers and Varnishes .

Cryla, our heavy-body, artists' quality acrylic, is characterised by its thick, buttery consistency which is ideal for impasto work. The students' quality paint, System 3, has excellent lightfastness and covering power but at a far lower price. Ideal for all sorts of art and crafts projects. Particularly economical for painting large areas.

As well as the following ranges of individual colours we also have a very good selection of boxed sets.

  • For Artists'

    • Daler Rowney Cryla 75ml tubes - 61 colours

      • 250ml tubs - Titanium white and Zinc white 

      • 500ml tubs - Titanium white and Zinc white 

    • Cryla Metallic Colours 75ml tubes

  • For Students'

    • Daler Rowney System 3  75ml tubes

      • 250ml and 500ml tubs - Selected colours

    • Reeves 12ml tubes - Boxed sets only

    • Daler Rowney Graduate Acrylic  120ml tubes

    •           500ml tubs - Selected colours

    • Boxed Sets in 12, 24 and 48 Tubes

    • Daler Rowney Simply Acrylics -  Boxed Sets only

    • See Crafts

Oil Colour

With the exception of Artisan water-based oils (see below), traditional oil paints are completely incompatible with water. They will dissolve only in turpentine, white spirit or low-odour thinners. There is also a range of mediums which alter the consistency of the paint, see Mediums, Primers and Varnishes . The very slow-drying nature of the paint means that the artist can manipulate the smooth, buttery paint whilst working. If this is a hindrance, there are mediums to reduce the drying time.

The Artists' Oils use only the very best materials available and have excellent pigmentation, durability and permanence. The Georgian students' range have a much lower price but will still give you a pleasing, professional finish. We have a very good range of boxed sets as well as the following ranges of individual colours.

  • For Artists'

    • Winsor & Newton Artists' Oils 37ml tubes - 96 colours

      • 120ml - Titanium and zinc white

  • For Students'

    • Daler Rowney Georgian 75ml tubes  - 57 colours

    • 225 ml  (Whites only in stock) Other colours are available 

    • Daler Rowney Graduate Oil - Boxed Sets only

    • Daler Rowney Simply Oil -  Boxed Sets only

Water-Based Oils

These paints have been developed to replicate the quality and consistency of traditional oils but with the great advantage of avoiding the use of strong, fumey solvents. Your brushes and palette can be cleaned in water and the paint can be thinned with water. There is also a range of mediums specially made for use with Artisan, see Mediums, Primers and Varnishes .

  • For Artists'

    • Artisan 37ml tubes


Artists' Spray Paints

Montana Artists' Spray Paints are quick drying, high covering laquer based paints developed for interior and exterior use. They can be used on most surfaces. 

  • For Artists'

    • Montana 400ml cans




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