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We have a fantastic range of specialist fine art, technical and craft papers. Although we have listed the papers in terms of their traditional uses (e.g. watercolour, pastel, oils etc), most artists disregard the conventions and use whichever paper gives the best colour, texture and weight to achieve their desired result. Sketching, painting, drawing up plans, printmaking, collage, mixed media - we feel sure we'll have something to suit you.

Paper for Watercolour

  • The Surface - We stock the 3 surface textures that are in general use.

    • Hot Pressed (H.P.) - This has a smooth finish particularly suitable for detailed work,e.g.botanical or architectural illustration.

    • Rough - This has the most pronounced peaks and troughs of all the three papers and can be very effective for loose, impressionistic work.

    • Not (also known as Cold Pressed) - This has a medium surface texture and is the most popular and versatile of the papers.

  • The Weight - Our papers range in weight from the very lightweight 90lb (190 gsm) to the heavyweight 250 lb (535 gm) which is nearer to board than paper. 140 lb (300 gsm) is by far the most popular. The lighter the paper , the more likely it is to buckle when water is applied, unless it is prepared by stretching. Artists will know what a strong, taut surface this gives,but if not convenient to do, you could use a heavier paper, a watercolour painting board (see "Boards" this section), or a "block" of paper which is gummed around the edges to prevent buckling. For practicing, quick sketches or preparatory work most people paint directly onto un-stretched paper and learn to live with the buckling.

  • Acid Free - All our watercolour papers are acid free which ensures that they will not discolour and that the artists' colours remain true.
    The more expensive papers are 100% cotton rag and the more economical are made from wood pulp. Each paper has its own "characteristics". For instance, a different level of absorbency will effect how the paint mixes on the paper and how it can be lifted out.
    You can choose from loose sheets, pads, blocks, spirals and hard back books.

  • Loose Sheets for Watercolour - 50 x 70cm approx

    • Bockingford - Not 90lb(190gsm),140lb (300gsm), 200lb(425gsm), 250lb (535gsm)

    • Saunders Waterford - Not, rough, HP - 140lb (300gsm)

    • Arches - Not, rough, HP - 140lb (300gsm)

    • Khadi Handmade Indian Papers - Rough or smooth 320gsm and 640gsm. Also in packs - A5, A4, 30 x 30cm.

  • Pads, Spirals, Blocks and Hard Back Books for Watercolour - We have a great choice that will suit all your needs - from everyday uses through to beautiful hard-back journals for special work. Our range is too extensive to list individually.

    • Types of Papers include Aquafine, Bockingford, Langton, Arches and Khadi handmade papers. All 3 traditional finishes, hot pressed, rough and not.

    • Size and Format - sizes from 7" x 5" (178 x 127 mm) to 20" x 16" (508 x 406 mm) in a choice of standard rectangular, square or landscape formats.

Papers for Oils

Our oil painting papers and pads are primed and textured and are ideal for practicing, quick sketches and preparatory work. You can also produce top quality finished work, but you will find that the papers are not strong enough for heavy impasto work or harsh treatment with a palette knife. For this you will need "Canvas and Painting Boards"

  • Sheets for Oils - 50 x 65cm, 240gsm

  • Pads for Oils - Georgian Oil Sketching Paper - 250gsm in 6 sizes.

Paper for Acrylics

Our acrylic painting papers and pads are primed, textured and robust but, as with oil painting, for heavy impasto work you would be advised to see "Canvas and Painting Boards". Unlike oils, which will suffer with seepage if the painting surface is not primed, acrylics are water- based and can be used on more or less any reasonably heavyweight papers, card or board.

  • Sheets for Acrylics - 70 x 50cm, 400gm

  • Pads for Acrylics

    • System 3 Pad - 230gsm in 4 sizes

Paper for Pastels and Charcoal

Oil Pastels can be used very successfully on oil painting paper or on any other medium to heavyweight paper, card or board.
The heaviness and style of your work will dictate the weight and surface you require.

Soft or Chalk Pastels and Charcoal - most artists prefer to use paper with a texture or "tooth" as it is better for holding the soft, sometimes powdery consistency of the pastels and charcoal.

  • Sheets for Soft Pastels and Charcoal

    • Murano Paper 50x60cm 160gsm. This has an evenly textured surface and comes in 35 fantastic colours.

    • Ingres Paper 50x60cm 160gsm. This has a laid surface with a distinctive self-coloured line.

    • Khadi Handmade Indian papers.

    • Sugar Paper (A1 in black, off-white and colours), Black Craft Paper and A1 White Cartridge are all very good for pastels and charcoal, and are very economical.

  • Pads for Soft Pastels and Charcoal

    • Murano Pads - 3 different colour ranges, 2 sizes in each range.

    • Ingres Spirals - Creams and whites or multi-coloured, 3 sizes.

    • Ingres Artists' Journal - Very attractive, chunky books in a variety of colour-ways and sizes.  

    • Pads of black and multi-coloured cartridge and handmade papers.

Papers for Drawing, Sketching - Pen and ink

Virtually all papers can be used, but the key is finding the paper that will allow you to achieve the effect you are hoping for. For instance, for precise, highly detailed work you might choose a smooth hard surface such as Bristol Paper or the Lyndhust Spiral Pad. Alternativly, for bold expressive work you could try heavily textured handmade papers, or for quick sketching or preparatory work sugar paper might be the thing. The possibilities are endless.

  • Sheets for Drawing etc - All the sheets in "Paper for Watercolour" and "Paper for Pastels" can be used for drawing. In addition, you could try:

    • Bristol Paper - Very hard, smooth surface, ideal for pen and ink.

    • Canford Cartridge Paper- A1 and A4. 150gsm. Black, white and assorted colours.

  • Pads for Drawing - All pads in "Papers for Watercolour" and "Paper for Pastels" can be used. In addition, we have masses of pads, spirals, hard-backs and journals to choose from. Far too many to list individually. In brief we have:

    • Cartridge Pads and Spirals for everyday use. 96gsm to 220gsm. Sizes A6, A5, A4, A3, A2 and A1.

    • Hard-Back Spirals - The ever-popular black cover with either black or white paper. Also, very attractive hard-back spirals covered in different coloured handmade papers, and brown craft-paper spirals.

    • Hard-Back Journals - Plain black, decorative or stylish cloth-bound covers.

Papers for Printmaking ( e.g. lino, wood block, screen or mono )

We do not stock specialist printmaking papers but hot pressed water colour paper, Bristol paper and heavyweight cartridge are commonly used by printmakers as they give the print a clean, sharp finish. You can also get some very interesting results by using textured Khadi or very fine (lokta or mulberry) handmade papers, see Printmaking .

Papers for Calligraphy

  • Sheets for Calligraphy

    • Parchment Paper 50x70cm, 175gsm or packs of A4 lightweight paper. Cloudy finish, white and cream.

    • Pergamonata - Unique, hard surface. Cloudy finish, slightly translucent.

    • Chinese Rice Paper

  • Pads for Calligraphy

    • Daler Rowney Calligraphy Pads - A4 and A3, assorted colours, cloudy finish.

      See Calligraphy .

    Miscellaneous Papers

    • Tracing Paper

      • Professional quality in 90gsm and 112gsm. Pads, rolls and A1 sheets.

      • Economy range in 60gsm. A4 and A3 pads, A4 sheets in packs.

    • Layout Pads

      • Professional range A4, A3 and A2

      • Economy range A4 and A3

    • Marker Pads - Bleed-proof paper, coated to give a streak-free finish.

    • Graph Paper - A1 sheets or A4 pads.

    • Transfer Paper - Oil-free, graphite or chalk covered paper. Grey or white.

    • Oiled Manilla Paper - For stencil cutting.

    • Handmade Papers - Gorgeous papers from India and Nepal. Plain colours, inclusions of leaves and petals, patterned and sparkly. Available in sheets or assorted packs.

    • Decoupage Papers - Patterned papers (17gsm) in packs to decorate all sorts of objects.

    • Origami Papers - Packs of plain or beautifully patterned Japanese papers. Also kits with instructions.

    • Plain Paper - Individual sheets in a variety of colours, sizes, weights and finishes. Also A4 packs of white, cream, black and assorted colours.

    • Decorative Papers - Including holographic, glitter and metallic. Some individual sheets but mainly assorted packs.

    • Tissue Paper - Top quality paper in over 20 colours. Acid-free white.

    • Crepe Paper - 150% stretch in over 20 colours

    • Brown Craft Paper Rolls

    • Cellophane Rolls - Plain and colours.


    • Canford Card - 300gsm, A1. Black, white, colours, gold and silver.

    • Economy Card - A4, individual sheets or packs. White black, bright and pastel colours.

    • Decorative Card - Holographic, animal print, sparkly and metallic. A4 individual sheets or packs.Also A1 sheets.

    • Mirror Card - Highly reflective surface. Gold, silver, green, red and purple.


    • Studland Mount Board - Over 40 colours; smooth, textured or metallic surface. Can be used for mount-cutting, display or working straight onto (watercolour, pastel, acrylic, pencil etc) PH neutral A1 or Double Imperial (limited colour range).

    • Studland Conservation Board - 47"x32" (1200x815mm) conforms to the Fine Art Trade Guild Conservation Level 2. Whites and creams only.

    • Foam Centre Board - 5mm thick, 30"x20" (762x508mm) A1 or 30"x40" (1016x762mm). Very lightweight, yet rigid. Good for model making, display and presentation. The white surface will take paint, pencil etc. Cuts easily and cleanly with a sharp blade.

    • Watercolour Board - 30"x22" (762x559mm) High quality Saunders-Waterford paper on a rigid board backing. Not, hot pressed or rough.

    • Self-Adhesive Board - A1, high-tack surface. Ideal for securing non-precious photos, art-work and fabrics.

    • Grey Board - 2.5mm thick. Robust and economical. 20"x30" and 30"x40".

    • Pulp or Ticket Board - Economical cream or white board.

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