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There is an enormous range of products on the market so we aim to stock a good choice of quality, style and price. Our pencils include a selection of graphite pencils and sticks and all sorts of water-soluble and water resistant colour pencils. We have individual pencils, tins and boxes from many trusted brands such as Caran d'Ache,  Daler Rowney, Faber Castell and Derwent.

Our pastel range includes both oil and soft / chalk pastels, either in packs or individually. The soft pastels come as either solid sticks or in pencil form and in a variety of textures from the hard, chalky Conté Crayons to the soft creaminess of the new Daler Rowney pastel in 186 tints.


Graphite Pencils, Sticks and Sketching Pencils

We always keep a very good selection of tins, packs and presentation boxes of graphite pencils. In addition, we sell the following individually:

  • Faber-Castell Artists' Pencils - 16 degrees from 6H to 8B. Top quality pencils.

  • Daler-Rowney Artist's Pencils - The complete range of graphite pencils from 2H to 9B.

  • Derwent Graphite Sketching & Graphite Water-Soluble - Both have a thick 4mm lead for bold work.

  • Graphite Sticks & Crayons - Solid graphite in the format of either slim pencil-like sticks or lovely chunky 12mm diameter crayons. Water resistant or water-soluble.

  • Mechanical / Technical Pencils - We usually have a number of makes to choose from but we always stock the Faber Castell T.K. Fine. Sizes 0.3(0.35), 0.5, 0.7 and 0.9(1.0). We also have packs of leads in degrees from 2B to 2H.

  • Clutch Pencils - We stock standard 2mm pencils and a range of leads, but we also have chunky 5.6mm pencils with a choice of graphite, chalk or charcoal leads. These are particularly popular for bold, expressive sketching.

  • Lyra/Stabilo - An inexpensive range of quality graphite pencils.

  • Wolffe Carbon Pencils - Soft, intensely black leads giving a beautiful velvety finish.

Colour Pencils

We have an excellent selection of tins, packs and beautiful wooden boxes of pencils. Too extensive to list individually, our stock includes Caran d'Ache (Prismalo, Classicolour and Supracolour) Daler Rowney, Faber - Castell, Reeves and Derwent. We also have tins of Neocolour II which are solid sticks of water soluble colour, see Junior Arts and Crafts .

We stock the following ranges of individual colour pencils:

  • Faber - Castell Albrecht Durer Artists' Pencils - In 120 colours. The best quality artists' colour pencil. These can be used with water. Beautiful dense, creamy consistency with excellent light fastness and intensity of colour.

  • Faber-Castell Art Grip Pencils - In 60 colours. Ergonomic, triangular shape. More economical than the Albrecht Durer but still has a very good degree of pigmentation and fade-resistance. Can be used with water.

  • Derwent Drawing Pencils - In 24 colours. Soft, creamy consistency that produces a smooth velvety finish on paper. An unusual range of subtle and natural colours, e.g. brown, grey and green earth tones and soft blues and purples.

  • Pencil Box Sets - Graphite pencils in sets from Derwent, Daler Rowney and Reeves.  See Special Offers.

  • Colour Pencils Box Sets - A wide variety of colour pencils sets from Derwent, Stabilo, Daler Rowney. See Special Offers.


There are 2 main types of pastels - oil and soft or chalk pastels:

Oil Pastels are water resistant (soluble in turpentine) with a dense, oily consistency and brilliant, intense colours. They are great for bold, bright work and can give very interesting effects when used alongside other media e.g. scraffiti techniques or as a resist with water-based paints. We stock a range of 36 individual colours and boxed assortments.

Soft or Chalk Pastels have a dry, chalky consistency with varying degrees of hardness depending on the make. They are easily blendable and very smudgy which means that it is advisable to "fix" your work with a specialist pastel fixative. They are water soluble (some more than others) which enables you to achieve washy, translucent effects, or to use them in conjunction with watercolours. Pastels are available as solid sticks of colour or in pencil form with a wood casing.

  • Daler Rowney Artists' Soft Pastels - The softest, creamiest consistency in a range of 186 tints. They are lovely chunky sticks of the most beautiful colours ranging from bright and vibrant, to soft and subtle. They have excellent light fastness. They are also available in boxes of cool, warm, grey, dark and assorted colours.

  • Sennelier Artists' Soft Pastels - Top quality pastels. We have them only in boxed assortments.

  • Daler Rowney Hard Square Pastels - Velvet smooth but quite firm in consistency. We have a range of 24 earth colours and assorted sets.

  • Conte© Crayons - These have the hardest consistency. They have sharp, square edges which make them useful for line work. We carry a range of 60 colours.

  • Inscribe, Reeves and Mungyo Soft Pastels - We have a very good range of boxed sets, some containing half-length pastels that give you many more colours for your money. These pastels do not have the superior quality of the others but they offer an excellent and economical way to start.

  • Pastel Pencils - Cleaner to use than traditional pastels. Ideal for more detailed work. Our most popular pastel pencil is the Carb Othello which comes in 60 individual colours and tins of assorted colours. They are particularly dry and chalky, and give an intense, brilliant finish.

  • Gelatos -  A crayon with creamy vibrant colours which can be blended with or without water. In boxes of 12.


Artists' Charcoal gives a very soft, deep black mark. A fine stick of willow charcoal or a charcoal pencil will allow you to carry out quite detailed work, while solid sticks of compressed charcoal or our lovely big chunks of 25mm diameter charcoal will enable really bold lines and shading.

  • Willow Sticks - In sizes Thin to Extra Thick.

  • Charcoal Pencils - In Light, Medium or Dark.

  • Compressed Charcoal - Selections of grey or black shades.

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