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Your choice of how you store and carry your art work and materials will depend on whether you are looking for a sturdy, professional portfolio or art box to give you a lifetime of use or whether you just want something cheap and simple to take to and from art classes. We think we've got all budgets and circumstances covered.

Portfolios and Cases

Your choice of carrier will depend on how much you think you'll use it and whether your want your work displayed in clear plastic sleeves or simply laying loose. "Portfolios" usually have a ring-binder to take plastic sleeves whereas "Cases" do not.

  • Portfolios - With ring -binders, zipped on three sides to open flat. Once you have decided that your work is best kept in plastic sleeves, you need to think about quality and price. We have extremely economical portfolios which, with reasonable care, should stay looking presentable for a few years. Alternatively we have have extremely good looking, robust, steel-spined portfolios that can last a lifetime. Sizes A4, A3, A2 and A1.

  • Cases - No ring binders. Some are zipped on three sides to open flat, others have an envelope design such as the extremely lightweight and economical Polyrib case. Some of the cheaper cases are very useful for safely storing your art-work. Sizes A4, A3, A2 and A1.

  • Art Bags - Very cheap, heavy-gauge polythene bag with plastic handles. They are ideal for taking smaller quantities of work to and from school, college or art classes. Also good for storage. Sizes A4, A3, A2 and A1.

  • Flip Files - With either 10 or 20 integrated plastic sleeves and a pocket in the front cover to insert your own script or image. Very convenient and compact for displaying project work. Sizes A4 and A3.


  • Plastic Art Boxes - Cantilever or lift-out tray. Very practical.

  • Wooden Art Boxes and Chests - In a wide variety of sizes and styles. Some big enough for a good selection of art materials and brushes, some will take a dozen or so tubes or pastels. We also have the very popular Chatsworth "Duke" and Chatsworth "Earl", which both double-up as storage box and table easel.  

  • Brush Tubes and Cases - Plastic tubes, cloth rolls and zipped cases of different styles and sizes to protect your brushes.

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