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We have a very good range of basic products for block printing (e.g. lino, polystyrene, wood and potato), screen printing, collagraphy (gluing materials to a base to form a "collage" from which a print is taken), mono type (taking a one-off print directly from the inked surface) and mono printing (combining a variety of printing techniques to form a one-off image).

Printmaking incorporates such a wide variety of techniques and processes which means there is something for every ability. Even the simplest forms, such as potato cuts or taking taking a print from the inscribing surface of a polystyrene tile, can give fascinating results. At the other end of the scale, for centuries artists and crafts-people have been producing exquisite wood blocks and etchings.

The immediacy and element of surprise (you never quite know how things will look until your final print is taken) makes printmaking endlessly creative and exiting.

Inks for Printmaking

  • Water-Soluble Block Printing Colour - 22ml tubes (larger quantities to order). Bright, solvent-free, fast drying inks that can be cleaned up with soap and water.

  • Georgian Oil-Based Block Printing Colour - Vibrant colour and a high degree of permanency is achieved by mixing Georgian Oil Paints (57 colours) with Georgian Block Printing Medium. Clean up with vegetable oil or white spirit.

  • System 3 Sreen Printing Medium-Mix with System 3 Acrylic Paints (48 colours)for an economical, vibrant, water-based printing colour.While the colour is still wet you can clean your equipment with soap and water. Dries to a permanent finish. Sreen Block and Screen Drawing Fluid also available.

  • System 3 Textile Medium - Mixed with System 3 Acrylic Paints for screen printing on to textiles. Excellent colour fastness on cotton, synthetics, silk and natural fibers.

  • System 3 Screen Printing Set - Contains screen, squeegee, printing and textile mediums, paints, screen block, drawing fluid and instructions.

Surfaces for Printmaking

We do not stock specialist printmaking papers. However, our smooth-surfaced papers and boards make excellent surfaces on which to print.

  • Hot Pressed Watercolour Papers

  • Heavyweight Cartridge Paper

  • Bristol Card and Paper

  • Studland Mount Board

Equipment for Printmaking

  • System 3 Screen Printing Kit -containing screen, squeegee, printing and textile mediums, paints, sreen block, drawing fluid and instructions.

  • Lino and Wood Cutting Tools.

  • Rollers for applying colour.

  • Palette Knives for mixing mediums and colour.

Materials from which to make you Print

  • Lino in various sizes

  • Funky Foam, Card and Paper to cut into shapes or inscribe into the surface.

  • Texture Paste, Gesso and 3D Paint to make raised lines and textured surfaces

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